Friday, December 26, 2008


Our family has long and cherished love for GARBA, as my mother was devoted to Ma Ambaji of Arashur. We frequently used to visit Arashur and I have childhood memory of it. Fortunately my wife is also an ardent follower of Garba and is a very good singer, so we have been able to preserve our heritej.

This is our attempt to publish and popularize collection of Garbas. We have listened, Sung, and enjoyed these over last 60 years and would like to make these more widely available and preserve forever. This is an important part of our heritage and we would love to see it being enjoyed and shared by more and more people.

Here I present my first and one of the most favourite Garbas that my wife sings quite regularly. I will try and add more as time goes along. Please keep watching this blog and give us your comments.

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